LifeHOUSE Presents: Shirley Jones

Academy Award-Winning Actress Regales Michigan Audiences

LifeHOUSE was pleased to host Shirley Jones recently for her Michigan tour. She visited five LifeHOUSE locations and spoke, sang, and spent time getting to know the residents in our communities. Residents and members of the public came from all over the region to hear Shirley share her wonderful stories and personality. 

Shirley’s story of going from a young woman aspiring to be a veterinarian, to becoming the Academy Award-winning actress and world-renowned singer that she is today, is incredible. She told her tale and delighted everyone with the humorous anecdote about how she didn’t recognize Rodgers or Hammerstein—luckily for Shirley, they recognized her singing potential right away. She was cast in well-known broadway shows including South Pacific and Oklahoma! followed by several movie and television roles for which she received her Academy Award and many other accolades.

Shirley's Montessori Connection

Shirley came to represent LifeHOUSE through her relationship with Dr. Cameron Camp, the creator of Montessori Based Dementia Programming. Montessori Dementia Programming is a researched-based method of expanding the world for adults with memory challenges based on the work of Maria Montessori. Utilizing Montessori’s methods of education, Dr. Cameron Camp created an alternative approach to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. LifeHOUSE is proud to offer Memory Care at several locations.

Shirley Jones sent her children to Montessori schools when they were young, and she loved the process of teaching and allowing the students to be active and engaged in their own educations. The philosophies of Montessori are to focus on an individual’s abilities instead of deficits, to engage in meaningful activities, to allow for highest level of functioning possible, to enhance self-esteem, and to provide meaningful social roles. This approach has worked well for schools, and in all sorts of educational settings.

The LifeHOUSE Difference

Beyond Memory Care, Shirley likes being the face of LifeHOUSE because they’re different than other retirement communities. When we spoke with her, she noted that LifeHOUSE does more to provide a comfortable, home-like setting. The communities engage residents, treat them with respect, and are positive places for seniors to live safely while connecting with others and getting the care they need.

It was a great joy to have Shirley speak at our communities. Several members of the media asked for interviews, which Shirley was glad to provide. Find out more about the visits and Shirley’s story below.

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