Assisted Living

Assisted Living Communities with a Personal Touch

LifeHOUSE Assisted Living Communities provide special places for seniors who want to live in a comfortable atmosphere that engages each resident as an individual with their own specific likes and needs. We are dedicated to helping you and your loved one enhance the quality of your relationship by guiding them through every step of this meaningful time in their life. 

At LifeHOUSE our team of caring professionals takes pride in delivering a comprehensive menu of services for seniors requiring assistance with activities of daily living.  These may include medication management and monitoring, or be as simple as bathing and grooming.

Each resident is treated as an individual at LifeHOUSE, and their unique needs are our top priority as we develop a better understanding of their areas of interest, socially and individually. Our extended family of caregivers brings this same approach to the development and delivery of resident-specific care plans that focus on each aspect of the resident’s lifestyle.

The services and amenities delivered at each LifeHOUSE Assisted Living Community represent the cornerstone of our success in delivering assisted living care with a personal touch to the senior population in need of a little extra help. Our mission is to ensure your loved one is our priority in everything we do.

Let us meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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