Our Care Family

Our caring hearts make the difference every day.

The guiding principles of LifeHOUSE are dedication and commitment to serving others. Our goal is that each member of the team exhibits these core values through the care they deliver to residents, patients and families alike. This culture is fostered throughout our organization beginning with our screening criteria and continuing through the training of our new hires. Our management team takes leadership in the ongoing mentoring process that reaffirms that the staff members are fluent in their mission. This is all done with the goal of delivering quality care to each resident and patient across the LifeHOUSE continuum of care.


Here’s what working at LifeHOUSE means to members of our Care Family:

“I was searching for a job and found a career. The culture at LifeHOUSE is extraordinary. Over the past four years, I’ve had the blessing of making a difference in the lives of hundreds of residents and patients and their family members. There’s no more rewarding experience than to see a patient return home independent.” – RN, LifeHOUSE San Diego Healthcare Center

“As a healthcare professional with over 15 years of rehabilitation experience, I truly had no understanding of the depth of resources a Skilled Nursing Facility offers post-hospitalized patients. Every day, I am challenged to create solutions that will make a difference for residents and patients with long-lasting effects.” – PT, LifeHOUSE Castro Valley Healthcare Center

“Each resident is unique, and with them comes a unique set of challenges. Many of these interactions result in relationships that are so tight-knit, that at the point of discharge, I feel a sense of both joy and loss; the joy of seeing them return back home to their family, as well as the loss of a friend that I have grown to respect for overcoming what many people would believe to be insurmountable obstacles.” – CNA, LifeHOUSE Riverside Healthcare Center