Company Overview

Enhancing Life. Advancing Wellness.

Our family of caregivers and their years of experience are what make a difference in delivering the right care for your family member. They know that the well-being of your loved one must be our first priority.

Enhancing Life – At LifeHOUSE, we don’t use a routine approach when it comes to care planning. Expert input from our team of licensed clinicians, coupled with documentation from recent hospital stays and patient history, plays a significant role in the creation and development of unique and individualized care plans. This translates into meaningful and measurable outcomes that benefit the patient and family in achieving a well-deserved quality of life.

Advancing Wellness – Wellness is more than a word, it’s a lifestyle. Nutrition, medication compliance, regular doctor visits and staying active in the community are many of the simple, everyday factors that contribute to a healthy standard of living. Our interdisciplinary teams aid each resident and patient in mapping their own course to wellness.

We are aware that the time that your loved one spends with us will never be the same as the time that they spend at home, but we will work hard to make it so.

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Our Care Family

Each and every day our LifeHOUSE Care Family is focused on individual service, enrichment, and dignified care.

Our Mission

At LifeHOUSE, we are dedicated to promoting a fulfilling lifestyle. Our vibrant senior living communities are about companionship, nutrition, and comfort, offering a selection of community events matching individual interests.